Each Test Station has an idea that shows how different things around us are and how they function differently. The Test Stations help to practise and try our senses; balance, concentration, coordination, vision, hearing, touch etc. At the same time they inspire our thinking.


CHAIR OF NAILS   -   "Sit down, if you dare!"

Every nail is sharp. The pillow of the chair is made from 400 nails. Would you rather sit on one nail or 400 nails?!


RALLY MIRROR   -   "Practice to think backwards and forwards!"

Rally Mirror chellenges you to practice your coordination and motor skills in a funny way and shows it can be difficult to control the trajektories that you haven't use before. But it will go better. Pratice makes perfect. ;)


7 OOPS!   -   "Desks look the same, no wait a minute..."

You can train your concentration with this. There are diffreces both in the objects and in the text altought they seem alike when you lift the lids.


PYRAMID   -   "Build a pyramid out of four identical blocks!"

In this Test Station you practice the ability to think logically and spatially. The family of the pyramids has many members, and this is called tetrahedron.


MYSTERY BOXES   -   "Can you see with your hands?"

Push your hands in and feel; what's inside the box? This stimulates your fingertips-esteem and gives you the sensation of what it is like to be blind.


HIDDEN TWINS   -   "Find the two same flags!"

Two tables with many great flags. The flags will give an idea of how many different nationalities there are living in Ostrobothnia and from where people have moved here. Only one flag can be found at each table, and with concentration and systematic search you will find for sure what it is.


ON THE TRACK!   -   "Vaasa - Seinäjoki; roundtrip!"

Keep the tongue in the middle of the mouth. This is an electric train, which stops if both of the cableshas not contact. But with concentration and steady hand you can get there and get the first experience in electrical engineering.


AIR CANNON   -   "Load, aim - FIRE!"

Compressed air can help in many areas, such as hair drying!


CRESCENDO   -   "Little strokes fell great oaks!"

With the right dimensions and the right distances you can do great things. Can standing object store energy, which is released in a controlled tipping?


HANGOVER   -   "Can a block hang outside the bench?"



VOICE TREE   -   "Nice music!"

Music can be done without joy, but the joy breeds music! The ball running down from the tree through the leaves of different sizes making its own music at the same time.

Nyfiken i en strut! :-)